Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo
13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival
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EdFringe and Performer Wellbeing
21 Jul 19:00-20:15

Presented by Sightlines Festival


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To explore specific aspects of the conversation around performance and wellbeing, Sightlines 2021 will bring together performance makers and facilitators for a series of panel discussions on topics significant to the artists involved. Each will include structured discussion between the panelists, with time for the audience to ask questions.

Edinburgh Fringe and Performer Wellbeing - Hosted by Katrina Woolley, former Fringe programmer, creator of the Anxiety-Free Fringe Guide and Sightlines Festival Director

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the biggest arts festival in the world and can be an amazing thing to be part of. However Edinburgh Fringe can also be an incredibly demanding experience and pose a lot of challenges for performers when it comes to their wellbeing.

Comedians often feel that they have to be at the festival every year to have a chance of forwarding their careers, despite losing money each time they attend. Performers are often already struggling with mental health problems or external personal challenges and are trying to balance them with a month of non-stop work and networking. Or are simply facing the impossibility of standing out among thousands of other shows, and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of fluctuating audience numbers and response with little outside support.

Join us for a discussion between long-standing Edinburgh Fringe performers: What are the greatest challenges in performing at the Fringe? How does one look after oneself under these circumstances? And what are the possibilities for the future - can we make the Fringe a more nurturing, healthy place to exist and perform?

This event is in the past and no longer available.