Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo
13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival
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24 Jul 19:00-19:45

Presented by Aminita Francis
(Followed by Q&A)


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I-Loop a new audio theatre piece by Aminita Francis. For Sightlines she will present a work in progress showing including a Q&A session and the chance for audience to give feedback.

**“When life is a broken record, your only choice is to face the music’ Born out of the 2020 lockdowns and mental breakdowns, I-Loop is a gig-theatre piece which looks at the effects of living the same day on repeat. Performed on a loop station, ‘I-Loop’ is a raw reflection of Francis’s black, female experience and contemplates the new normal that will follow this year’s momentous worldwide shift ‘but I’m not sure things were even so great before all this…”

Left with her own company during the pandemic, Francis unearthed the poor foundations she had built to survive as a working class artist pre-COVID: The yes woman, constantly double booked with mental health overlooked whilst racing down the road to “success”.

Her lockdown discoveries included but were not limited to:

  • A ‘Dormant Body Dysmorphia’,

  • A rampant racial rage

  • Classic dynamic duo depression and anxiety

  • Surprising unsolved sexual trauma

  • And of course Tiger King.

And though she can shake the shame of having been more interested in Carol Baskin’s escapades than the US election there were also many things she never wanted to confront, especially not whilst living alone, during the lockdown.

”I’ve met versions of myself I didn’t know existed, indulged in things I’ve usually resisted, perceptions of reality distorted, twisted busy being a strong black woman I blinked and missed it”

Francis describes I-loop as an unapologetic act of self-expression, and art is cheaper than therapy… when you can get ACE funding. Through sound-scape, spoken word and song she relives her best and worst moments of 2020.

Aminita Francis is an Actor, Vocal Artist, Composer & Writer from London, her musical & theatrical works have taken her from Battersea to Brazil. Her talents, originally nurtured by subsidised arts programmes, have come full circle as she now facilitates vocal and performance workshops for young people between tour dates.

You can find more of her work at or on social media @AminitaFrancis

This event is in the past and no longer available.