Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
Sightlines logo and '13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival'
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13-25th July, a performance and wellbeing festival
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Twitch: Community Through Comedy During Lockdown
22 Jul 19:00-20:30

Presented by Bilal Zafar and Ken Cheng


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Bilal Zafar and Ken Cheng are both stand-up comedians who have found a performance platform on Twitch since the start of lockdown. They will be their usual funny selves whilst showing some of their favourite moments, talking about how the platform has benefited them as performers and how it has created a sense of connection for them and their audiences.

Discussing things like whether Twitch has had them reconsider how they can be in control of their own material and working hours and secure a steady income. The ways Twitch creates a community feel with its supportive set up - including live chat streams and “raiding”. And what the future of the platform is for them and for audiences after the lockdown.

Bilal Zafar was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 and won the Hackney Empire New Act Award (NATYS) in the same year. He has taken 3 solo shows to Edinburgh and toured them around the UK including runs at London’s Soho Theatre. Zafar also began streaming on Twitch last year and has amassed a large and dedicated following. He currently streams an improvised, interactive comedy show Hot Peppsy Football manager in which he plays an unhinged English football manager, The Acting School of excellence - a live version of his web series and Writing The Coder in which he writes a feature film script with the help of his audience.

Cambridge Mathematics drop-out turned professional poker player Ken Cheng burst onto the UK comedy scene after reaching the final of the 2015 BBC Radio New Comedy Award. His unique, analytical style made him instantly recognisable and he now regularly appears on Radio and TV. Ken does a Combat Loneliness stream on Twitch which is a “Just Chatting” stream for people who need someone to talk to. He also streams games for fun, in particular the lockdown phenomenon Among Us.

This event is in the past and no longer available.